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PPC Activities 

Activities  organized by the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) for all PE&RC members


PhD candidates of PE&RC are organised in the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) . The members of this council represent the various research institutes, research fields and categories of PhD candidates within the graduate school. The main objective of the PE&RC PhD Council is to advise the PE&RC PhD Programme coordinators, the PE&RC Board and the PE&RC Committees, both at their request and on its own initiative. Additionally, the PPC organises social activities for all the PE&RC members to join. Below you will find the upcoming activities.

Upcoming PPC activities
  • to follow

If you have any questions about the PPC  please contact the PPC directly via their dedicated e-mail address: ppc.perc@gmail.com.
Also, if you are interested in joining the PPC yourself, please contact them via ppc.perc@gmail.com

The PPC Social committee .


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