PE&RC Board

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The PE&RC Board is responsible for the functioning and performance of the Graduate School. A Research Committee and the Education Committee advise the Board on matters concerning research and education; the Board has mandated these committees to take decisions on certain matters (ex post approval). Furthermore, the Board receives advice on strategic matters from the International Advisory Board (IAB), the PE&RC PhD Council (PPC) and the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC).

Current members of the national PE&RC Board:

  • Prof. Niels Anten (WU, chair)
  • Prof. Jacintha Ellers (VU)
  • Emma Polman (Chair PE&RC PhD Council (PPC))
  • Prof. George Kowalchuk (UU)
  • Prof. Hans de Kroon (Radboud University)
  • Prof. Jos Raaijmakers (NIOO)
  • Vacancy (Naturalis Biodiversity Center)
  • Prof. Annemarie van Wezel (UvA)

Current members of the local Wageningen University PE&RC Board:

  • Prof. Niels Anten (CSA, chair)
  • Prof. Rachel Creamer (SBL)
  • Prof. Lourens Poorter (FEM)
  • Emma Polman (Chair PE&RC PhD Council (PPC))
  • Dr. Erika Speelman (GRS)
  • Dr. Ilse Geijzendorffer (External Board member, LBI)
  • Vacancy

The Scientific Director of PE&RC is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Graduate School; he attends the meetings of the Board as advisor. Furthermore, the secretary and education coordinator and a minutes-secretary represent PE&RC office and are informants/advisors to the Board.