Housing for PhD candidates

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The new collaboration agreement between WUR and Idealis was signed on 19 January. This agreement succeeds the previous agreement that expired. This agreement describes the state of affairs regarding student housing as well as that regarding the housing of PhD candidates.

The most important agreement from the collaboration agreement concerns room urgency for scholarship PhD candidates and PhD candidates who participate in a sandwich programme. These PhD candidates can receive room urgency for their first visit to the Netherlands. The urgency can be requested by the supervisor at the PhD office by filling in the form which can be found on the website: https://www.wur.nl/en/Education-Programmes/PhD-Programme/Moving-to -Living-in-Wageningen/Housing.htm. Due to the peak reception of students in the summer period, room urgency for PhD candidates is only possible in the period from September 16 to April 30, with a maximum of 75 urgencies. The urgency is valid for 2 months for rooms advertised by Idealis and gives priority when allocating a room. It is not a room guarantee, the PhD candidate will have to respond to room advertisements himself via ROOM.nl.

The room market in Wageningen is tight. It is therefore important that PhD candidates look for accommodation as quickly as possible and do not only respond to Idealis rooms. An overview of other providers of accommodation can be found on the website: https://www.wur.nl/en/Education-Programmes/PhD-Programme/Moving-to-Living-in-Wageningen/Housing.htm.


Janneke van Seters

Manager Dean of Research office