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EPS Summer school “Environmental Signaling in Plants”
26 - 28 August 2024
In this summer school, an attractive programme is provided in which experts in the field will highlight different aspects of environmental signaling in plants. Additional speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts. Moreover, there will be ample opportunity for discussions during lunch and the poster viewing sessions. The meeting is especially attractive for PhD students, but the programme will definitely also be of interest to post-docs and senior scientists.
NWO vidi grant course
10 September 2024
Candidates who are seriously considering applying in the coming vidi round (pre proposal deadline 5 November 2024) and who want to prepare themselves can follow a vidi grant course, given by Yellow Research. The next course will be given on September 10th 2024, from 9.30 till 4, in Wageningen.
Symposium Insects as sustainable feed: an interdisciplinary approach
12 September 2024
Sustainable food production is a major challenge. Can insects feature in sustainable feed production to support the growing world population without transgressing the planetary boundaries? That is the central question during this interdisciplinary symposium on the 12th of September 2024!
NLSEB Junior Board: Third rotating lab visit to Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Universiteit Leiden
1 October 2024
The Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB) Junior Board hosts a series of events at various Dutch institutions, which aim to inform participants of the diversity of exciting evolution-based research in the Netherlands.
EPS Symposium EPS Theme 3 “Metabolism and Adaptation”
4 October 2024
EPS theme 3 combines two fields of plant biology that are intimately connected, Metabolism and Adaptation. Metabolism underlies the functioning of plants, ranging from the fundamental primary processes of photosynthesis and respiration to the synthesis of, sometimes species-specific, secondary metabolites that are responsible for an enormous diversity in traits in the plant kingdom. During the theme 3 symposia two invited keynote speakers and junior researchers of the EPS community present their research and give you insight into the metabolism and adaption of plants. Afterwards you are more than welcome to join for drinks to discuss research, set up collaborations and meet-up your peers.
EPS Symposium Theme 4 – Genome Biology and Gene Regulation
9 October 2024
EPS theme 4 encompasses several disciplines ranging from genetics, to epigenetics, genomics, bioinformatics, biosystematics and plant breeding. Given the broad scope and the important role of genome data throughout all of plant biology, theme 4 is intimately connected with other themes. This year we invited Wilma van Esse (WUR) and Marja Timmermans (University of Tübingen) as Keynote speakers. Interested to join? Register and we will see each other in October.
PE&RC Day 2024 - PE&RC Digs Deeper: Finding Answers to Sustain Our Soils
Thursday 10 October 2024
On this day, we will explore the latest research and insights into the different aspects of the broad field of soil sciences covering topics from soil fauna, over to soil physics and soil management. Current challenges and solutions are presented and discussed.
EPS Theme 2- Symposium “Interactions between Plants and Biotic Agents“
10 October 2024
Plants dynamically interact with a wide range of organisms, some of these are harmful while others are beneficial for the plant. These interactions are not only interesting objects for study, but they are also highly relevant as plant pathogens and pests destroy nearly 35% of the world’s annual crop harvest. During the theme 2 symposia two keynote speakers and junior researchers of the EPS community present their research on wild and cultivated accessions of economically important crops, such as potato, tomato, barley, tobacco and Brassicaceae, next to model species such as clover and Arabidopsis thaliana.
WCSG Conference 2024 Governing sustainability transformations
16-17 October 2024
Transformation of society and sustainability governance requires significant reordering: one that changes existing drivers and structures to drive change towards fundamentally novel systems. During the conference we focus on the central question, can sustainability transformation be governed? And if so by whom, what and how?
Symposium National Centre Soil Ecology
Safe the date: 30th of October 2024!
We are thrilled to announce the upcoming reunion of soil ecologists across the Netherlands! Join us for a stimulating symposium on the 30th of October 2024. The symposium will be held at Radboud University in Nijmegen, where we will provide a diverse program, with presentations and workshops.
Genotype by Environment by Management (GxExM) Symposium III
Wednesday 30 - Thusrday 31 October 2024
After successful symposia in Brisbane (Australia, 2022) and Gainesville (USA, 2023), we are organizing the third symposium to offer a worldwide podium for presentations and discussions around modelling and prediction of GxExM data and interactions. A symposium to share understanding and approaches to predict cropperformance, accounting for Genotype by Environment by Management(GxExM) Interactions
6th National Interdisciplinary Education Conference: Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Beyond Buzzwords
4-6 November 2024
This conference offers leading trainers, researchers, practitioners, and students from around the world the opportunity to share their knowledge, insights, and expertise on the critical issues in inter- and transdisciplinarity needed to build capacity in and through research, education, policy making, activism, and artistic engagement.
International Flatfish Symposium 2024
25 - 28 November 2024
The concept of the flatfish symposia was initiated at the 1989 European Marine Biology Symposium in Oban, Scotland. A group of young scientists supported by Ray Beverton set up an international forum to discuss and exchange their ideas and results on fish ecology with respect to their research on flatfishes.
Pathways to Sustainability Conference 2024
28 November 2024
A just and sustainable future can only be reached with a feeling of HOME for all. All living creatures need a safe place where they can grow and flourish. But what constitutes HOME? What is a sustainable HOME, in the broadest sense, and how do we achieve that?