PE&RC External Course Subsidy

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PE&RC External Course Subsidy

Registered PE&RC PhD candidates can request subsidy from PE&RC to participate in courses not organised or supported by PE&RC.

Subsidy criteria

•    There is no overlap with PE&RC courses.
•    Courses must be post-graduate level.
•    50% of the course fee can be subsidised, up to a maximum of € 70,- per day and € 350,- in total (i.e. a 5-day course).
•    Only the course fee can be subsidised (not travel cost).
•    Application occurs by filling in the form below and submitting it to the PE&RC Office ( 
•    Applications must be submitted to PE&RC at least one month prior to the start of the course.
•    Applicants will be informed within two weeks if the application has been awarded. 
•    When awarded the course subsidy will be transferred to your research group when we have received proof of payment.

Submit application

To apply for the PE&RC external course subsidy, please fill in the application form below and send the form to the PE&RC Office (  

PE&RC External Course Subsidy Form 

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