Registration procedure

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If you are a postdoc in one of the PE&RC affiliated institutes or research groups, but you are not registered with us yet, seriously consider to do so, as this offers you a number of advantages. Registered PE&RC Postdocs:

  • Will have a personal introduction meeting with the head of the PE&RC postdoc programme
  • Receive the monthly PE&RC newsletter with information about PE&RC activities;
  • Will be informed about activities specifically aimed at postdocs;
  • Can participate in training activities aimed at early stage researchers (often with reduced fees);
  • Can apply for specific PE&RC funding
  • Can participate in activities to support them as temporary employees in their (career) development.

If you wish to register as a PE&RC Postdoc, please download and submit the PE&RC Postdoc Registration Form to PE&RC Office.

Besides registering at PE&RC we offer postdocs a Postdoc Career Development Plan (PCDP). This document allows the postdoc to discuss and agree with PI's about the deliverables, outputs of the postdoc position, the personal development the postdoc wants to reach during the postdoc that will accordingly allow more a smooth step to the next phase of their career. Click HERE for the PCDP form. This form will also be discussed during the introduction meeting.