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Registration at PE&RC

New PhD candidates or their supervisors are asked to fill in the PE&RC PhD registration form. The PhD supervisor (or the PhD candidate with the supervisor in CC) should send the form to the PE&RC Office

The latest version of this form can be downloaded here.

The information contained in this form is required to register PhD candidates in the PE&RC PhD system and, for those defending their thesis at Wageningen University, in the WU PhD system Hora Finita. It is strongly encouraged that this form is submitted to the graduate school four weeks prior to the start of the project and/or 12 weeks prior to the arrival of the candidate in the Netherlands. Accordingly, the PhD candidate will be invited by one of the PE&RC PhD programme coordinators for an intake meeting, and they will (if requested) be linked to a buddy to help smoothen their acclimatisation to the Netherlands. 

Documentation checklist for PhD candidates defending their thesis at Wageningen University

To be able to register PhD candidates that will defend their thesis at Wageningen University, additional documents are needed. These documents need to be uploaded by the PhD in Hora Finita prior to the start of the PhD project. The Phd will receive an invite to this system after sending the PE&RC PhD registration form to PE&RC office. If the documentation is not complete, we cannot register the new PhD candidate in the PhD registration system of Wageningen University (Hora Finita) as these documents are needed to evaluate the entry requirements of Wageningen University. Note that registration in Hora Finita is necessary to be eligible for support in finding housing and obtaining a residence permit. The list of required documents and the formatting instructions can be found here, General information about the rules & regulations at Wageningen University can be found here.

In addition, If you are not Dutch, if you are not from an Anglophone country, and/or if you cannot formally prove that your MSc was completely in English, you must submit an internationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language along with the other documents for your registration as PhD candidate at Wageningen University. This proof of proficiency in English MUST be provided before registering a PhD candidate at Wageningen University. If a promotor requests an exemption from this rule, it can only be accepted if there are major reasons why a test was not taken (e.g. illness) and it is crucial that the candidate starts the PhD at short notice. The letter explaining the reasons for an exemption should be sent to the Wageningen PhD office ( and addressed to the Dean of Research. More details about the types of language tests that are accepted and the minimum scores required can be found here.

Please note that without the complete set of documents in Hora Finita, new PhD candidates cannot be registered in the PhD registration system of Wageningen University. Also note that only PDF documents are accepted (so no jpg files or word documents). In case of doubt or questions, please contact