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At PE&RC, we highly value postdocs. Hence, PE&RC has developed a postdoc policy, which aims at improving the position of postdocs in the organisation, increasing awareness among postdocs, and facilitating postdoc career development. If you are a postdoc in one of the PE&RC affiliated institutes or research groups, but you are not registered with us yet, we ask you to register as this offers you a number of advantages (note that this is free of charge). Registered PE&RC Postdocs:

  • Will be informed about activities specifically aimed at postdocs;
  • Can participate in training activities aimed at early stage researchers (often for a reduced fee);
  • Can apply for specific PE&RC funding;
  • Can participate in activities to support them as temporary employees in their (career) development;
  • Receive the monthly PE&RC newsletter, including upcoming PE&RC activities, job opportunities, and other relevant information.

If you wish to register as a PE&RC Postdoc, please download the PE&RC Postdoc Registration Form and submit this to PE&RC Office.
For more general information about a postdoc position at Wageningen University & Research click here.