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NIOO/PE&RC Biodiversity Data Workshop: Boosting the Impact of Biodiversity Data
22 April 2024
Are you a researcher studying biodiversity and do you collect and/or analyse biodiversity relevant data? And do you want to increase the impact of your work and data? Join our biodiversity data workshop! Data is worth so much more if others can find, understand and (re)use it easily. In this workshop you will learn the ins and outs of data and metadata standards, repositories to store your (meta)data, and their valuable contributions to improving the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability (FAIR) of your data and thereby the transparency and impact of your research.
Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB) PhD & PostDoc day
22 April 2024
We are excited to invite you to join the NLSEB PhD & PostDoc day, organized by the junior board of the Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB), on April 22nd. Deadline for registration is 5 April.
Paradigm shifts for Global One Health conference
23-25 April 2024
The first two days will comprise of plenary talks and discussions, offering many opportunities for interaction and for participants to present ongoing research. On April 25th, the spotlight will be on One Health PhD students, and there is time for workshops to facilitate future collaborations. Come join us and participate!
NLSEB 2024 meeting
23 April 2024
We are excited to welcome you to the 2024 NLSEB meeting that will be held on Tuesday April 23rd at the Akoesticum in Ede. We have plenary talks by Rosemary Gillespie (Berkeley), by Liliana D’Alba (Naturalis) by Tom Shimizu (AMOLF) and by the winner of the 2023 Netherlands Evolutionary Biology Prize (will be announced during the meeting).
WGS PhD Workshop Carousel 2024
26 April 2024
Every year, Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) organises a one-day event for PhD candidates consisting of a carousel of 4 sessions with 6 workshops per session. The 1.5 hour workshops deal with all sorts of elements important for PhDs and the PhD track. Workshops are either stand-alone workshops or teasers that give a taste of more elaborate courses and workshops organised by Wageningen Graduate Schools.
Sleep Management for WUR PhDs
1 May 2024 (16.45 – 17.45)
Join the workshop is you want to understand the concepts like sleep rhythm, sleep pressure, sleep quantity and quality, etc. Guest speech by Ingi Alofs, Team leader, Coordinator Sport, Coordinator Fit & Vital, Sports Instructor & Fitness trainer, WUR
B-Wise Seminar, May 7th: Francesca Grisoni
7 May 2024
On Tuesday May 7th, the next B-Wise meeting of 2024 will take place at 12:30h, in room C0221 in the Forum building. Lunch will be available from 12:00h onwards
Symposium NWA Living labs voor het herstel van biodiversiteit in het landelijk gebied
21 May 2024
Onder de vlag van de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda startte in 2021 een breed programma van drie living labs en een overkoepelend project. Tijdens het symposium in Hotel Zuiderduin (Egmond aan Zee) worden tussentijdse resultaten gepresenteerd van het onderzoeksprogramma, delen twee externe key-note sprekers inspirerende ervaringen en is er in de workshop sessies tijd om te reflecteren en input te geven. Working language of the symposium is Dutch.
Knowledge integration in transdisciplinary research
21 May 2024 (11:30-13:00)
It is often unclear what social scientists do in transdisciplinary research in sustainability transitions. We often hear that “we need to involve social scientists” because the grant scheme demands it. But what does this mean in practice? How do social scientists participate in knowledge integration and what knowledge to they bring back to their ‘own’ fields? We will discuss these and other questions with a number of WUR researchers from the natural and social sciences who are experienced in transdisciplinary research and with the audience.
BCF Career Event NL
30 May 2024
BCF Career Event is the largest career event for the Life Sciences. It is the meeting place for everyone who is or wants to be active in Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food or Pharma. BCF Career Event offers you the opportunity to get into direct contact with a broad range of employers in the sector, but also with other organisations that can help you further in your career.
5th Plant Microbiome Symposium 2024
17 - 21 June 2024
The 5th Plant Microbiome Symposium will continue the tradition of (now) annual meetings of experts on the plant microbiome from all over the world. With these meetings we stimulate the exchange of information and ideas among researchers from around the world and working on a wide spectrum of disciplines and perspectives around the common theme of the plant microbiome. A selection of invited speakers will go beyond a standard conference talk, and will present their most exciting/unpublished results and expand their talk into the broader context of the field. They were invited to present stimulating or even provocative ideas, all of which should provoke lively discussions and the development of new ideas and research directions.
Conference Jacques Monod (CJM): Life is plastic: How phenotypic plasticity makes us rethink central problems in biology
17 - 21 June 2024
The conference “Life is plastic: How phenotypic plasticity makes us rethink central problems in biology” will be a unique forum to identify areas where most progress can be made by embracing the roles of the environment in producing phenotypes, and the consequences for individuals, populations and communities. The conference will gather scientists working with a diversity of approaches and model organisms.
Young Researchers Symposium on Plant Photobiology
2 - 5 July 2024
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to Utrecht, to the third “Young Researchers Symposium on Plant Photobiology” (YRSPP). YRSPP2024 will be a gathering for early career researchers (ECRs) in the field of plant photobiology. It comes at a crucial juncture in the advancement of our understanding of plant biology. As the world grapples with critical issues such as climate change and food security,
Achieving Inclusive Science for Effective Conservation, Adaptation, and Resilience in the Tropics
14 - 18 July 2024
We're thrilled to announce that registration is open for the 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, taking place from July 14th to 18th, 2024, in Kigali, Rwanda. Under the theme "Achieving Inclusive Science for Effective Conservation, Adaptation, and Resilience in the Tropics," ATBC 2024 will highlight innovative research, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and address pressing challenges in tropical biology and conservation. We welcome senior & early career researchers and practitioners, students, indigenous and local knowledge holders, academics, policymakers, and leaders from various sectors, including non-profit, government, and business, to join us in commemorating 60 years of commitment to the Tropics. Our annual meeting in Kigali will feature diverse activities, including plenary sessions, panels, workshops, oral presentations, poster sessions, cultural programs, and more. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity for networking, learning, and collaboration on both local and global scale
GxExM symposium
30 & 31 October 2024
In collaboration with Wageningen University & Research the ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success is coordinating a hybrid (in-person and online) symposium on October 30 and 31 in Wageningen, Netherlands. The symposium will focus on a range of topics related to the study of Genotype by Environment by Management (GxExM) interactions and their importance for crop improvement. The symposium will be conducted to stimulate new approaches, building on a foundation of sharing understanding and insights from case studies, leading to discussion of ideas that will advance experimental, modelling and prediction methods to enhance crop improvement strategies.